jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016


The last activity our class planned to improve the green spaces at our school was to plant a tree and some other plants we could take care of during this school years and all the following until we graduate from school. It would be the symbol for our class to remind us we should always stay green. 

First we decided the place to plant 

Then, our school principal helped us get in contact with the Town Hall in order to find out if they could provide us with a tree and some bushes. They were very interested in our proposal and they promised they would bring plants and also help us with the activity, because they want to make Tres Cantos greener. 

This is all class group, together with our teachers, our principal, the Mayor and some other representatives of the Town Hall having a great time digging, planting and watering the plants.


lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

a poem inspired by global scholars!

Resultado de imagen de green muppet

Our classmate Cristina Cabañero, the official poet of our class, has written this beautiful poem to inspire us in our goal.

Our goal as class is being
green, like this there will
be less pollution and a 
very big evolution.

My idea is doing a campaign
on the High School and like
this we can advocate everyone.

Hail Cristina!

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016


Last Wednesday 1ºB class participated in a Gymkana organised by our PE teacher in which we had lots of fun doing sports and running around our green spaces at school trying to find the seeds that we are going to plant in our vertical garden next week

Our vertical garden

This week we have been working on one of our projects to improve green spaces at our school. We are building a vertical garden in our technology class, recycling plastic bottles. Our final project will look more or less like this:

So far we have been preparing the bottles and tying them together with ropes:

Then we are going to plant seeds that we will have to find in the scavenger hunt that we planned as part of a gymkhana!!

This is a video of how we have made the vertical garden

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

Planning and setting our goals

Today our teachers told us to divide in groups to discuss what we are going to do to improve green spaces in our school, because we have decided to take action and do something to improve the use of our green spaces here.

 My team and I thought about putting a plant or two in each class and in a place behind our building we propose to construct a small football field and also to plant flowers in a bridge where nobody goes. Other teams have presented their proposals to the class too. Here are our proposals



We finally agreed on these three things.

In the next session we will continue planning on how to do it, when, what resources we will need and who is going to help us do it.

This is our plan for the project!!!

Community Action Project

We are working on our community action project for Global Scholars. After some discussions in class we have chosen to do something related to green spaces in our area. In this video, our class representatives, Mohamed and Guillermo, summarize some of the ideas we came up with